Friday, November 3, 2017

Donna Brazile at it again, blasts the Clintons over the 2016 DNC race.

In case anyone missed a prior Hillary-Wins article about Donna Brazile from 2008, check this out. Some things and some people never change.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Ma, Ma. Where is Pa? Gone to the White House, Ha ha ha.

Grover Cleveland supporters came up with the response to Ma Ma where is Pa? The response Gone to the White House, Ha Ha Ha derailed the churlish comments of those who had no substantive complaints to make.

Donald Trump has now come up with "Lock her up", to which the Late Show's James Cordon came up with, "in the White House".  "Lock her up, in the White House".

Hillary Clinton supporters need to drown out the "Lock her up" chants with "In the White House".

Meanwhile Barack Obama's popularity continues to rise the more Mr. Trump bellows.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Barack Obama accepts ANONYMOUS pre-paid credit card 2008 campaign donations.

(Edit update, Nov. 26, 2011, 2:39 pm - Sixty Minutes revealed earlier this month that Nancy Pelosi received VISA IPO's in early 2008. Is there a connection between VISA, Nancy Pelosi, and Barack Obama receiving fraudulent named and addressed pre-paid credit card donations in 2008?  No other candidate that I know of accepted fake named and addressed pre-paid visa credit card donations in 2008.)

Nobody knows for sure how much money Barack Obama's 2008 campaign collected through anonymous pre-paid credit cards, but it was in the millions, most likely in the tens of millions, and it may have been even more than tens of millions of dollars.

Anonymous people would use names like Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck on pre-paid credit card donations to the Barack Obama campaign, and apparently the donations went through! There were apparently pre-paid credit card donation mills as well.

Hillary Clinton and John McCain were just a couple of fogies that did not allow fraudulent pre-paid credit card campaign donations because they recognized such donations as being illegal.

Can a US president elected under the method described above be counted on to go after the very people on wall street involved in the home securitization fraud when those same people may have helped him pull off the pre-paid credit card campaign fraud? (link update added June 28. 2011).

Monday, April 4, 2011


Ever since I did a software update for my browser, I have not been able to log into Daily PUMA. It's been especially frustrating because I miss typed my prior headline and wanted to correct it, but have been unable to for the past two days.

Ok, now everything seems to be working fine. whew.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Shocking Discovery about Real Clear Politics Colossal 2008 Mistake in June 4th article while analyzing Barack Obama's "efficient voters" postulation.

Jay Cost at Real Clear Politics stated in June 04, 2008 article that Barack Obama required less votes per each delegate won, than Hillary Clinton. Jay Cost then posulated that Barack Obama was the more "efficient" candidate.

Most importantly, the article was one hundred percent, WRONG.

From Real Clear Politics and Jay Cost, (in italics are Jay's words, my responses are in bold color cyan)
"Thus, Obama has won the Democratic nomination not because his voting coalition is larger than Clinton's. -Jay Cost
(When Michigan and Florida are not counted, then perhaps the two voting blocks are "equal", otherwise Hillary Clinton had the larger voting coalition.)
As best we can tell, they are of equal size. Instead, Obama has won because his coalition is moreefficient at producing delegates than Clinton's coalition. -Jay Cost
lol, so cheating in Caucus Contests where 88% LESS voters determine each delegate, bribing some Clinton delegates to switch to Obama, and spending twice as much per delegate is considered "more efficient?".
Obama's relatively narrow vote lead has produced a relatively wide pledged delegate lead, which has in turn produced an even wider lead in superdelegates." -Jay Cost
When Hillary Clinton's early on relatively narrow vote total lead had produced a relatively wider pledged delegate lead, which in turn produced an even wider lead when superdelegates were added in, the media spotlighted all of the Obama complainers who threatened to riot in the streets if Hillary won because of a dis representative lead in delegates and super delegates versus popular vote totals.
I am calling out the writer, Jay Cost, who is responsible for the coherent trash (written in italics above) that was first published on June 04th, 2008, three days before Hillary Clinton's resignation speech.

Furthermore, I am demanding, not asking, I am demanding that Jay Cost PUBLICLY APOLOGIZE to Hillary Clinton for the inane, stupid, and completely WRONG conclusion he came to in that June 04, 2008 article when Jay Cost declared that less votes per delegate was "more efficient".
If Jay Cost had simply compared total primary votes versus delegates won, Hillary Clinton might have still had a less efficient total of primary delegates versus total voters than Barack Obama. All that would have meant was that Hillary Clinton had a distinct lead in TOTAL NUMBER OF VOTERS who voted the way voters vote on presidential election day.
There was absolutely no point in adding caucus contests when caucus contests in NO WAY represent voting efficiency other than to skew results that may or may not be representative of presidential voting.
Democratic Caucus contests in Republican strongholds polled just a week prior to the caucus vote showed Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton either tied, or Hillary Clinton leading.
Yet Barack Obama ended up winning the democratic caucus contests in Republican stronghold states that require 88% less voters, by a 2-1 margin. The problem is, this is how Barack Obama got his alleged "more efficient" per delegate ratio, by winning where there was a HUGE undervote per delegate won in caucus states that DID NOT honor the democratic tenet of Fair Reflection.
But it's worse than that!
Early on in the 2008 democratic race the media was publicizing complaints being made by the Barack Obama side that Hillary Clinton had an extra large delegate lead based on LESS voters per delegate because of Hillary Clinton's super delegates and committed delegates edge, and that these super delegates should not be deciding who becomes president.
Can we appreciate the irony of that? What Hillary Clinton had early on, was railed against as being unrepresentative of the will of the people, but when Barack Obama ended up with what Hillary Clinton had early on, Real Clear Politics pinions their belief that Barack Obama is more "efficient" at collecting delegate voters.
Barack Obama now had what Hillary Clinton had earlier in the race; a delegate lead based on less votes per delegate and higher levels of super delegate votes, but suddenly rather than people rioting in the streets, it meant that Barack Obama was the more efficient candidate at getting delegate votes.
The media applauded Barack Obama and his voters' efficiency per Obama delegate gained while using the same data when it favored Hillary Clinton to publicize the threat of rioting in the streets.
Clear Politics article also fails to point out that there were districts won by Hillary Clinton where the delegates simply chose to vote for Barack Obama.
Apparently, none other than Nancy Pelosi made "donations" to a higher percentage of Barack Obama delegates than Hillary Clinton delegates, and delegates who switched sides from Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama were more likely to get "donations" from Pelosi and others.
Real Clear Politics FAILURE to delineate that caucus results are rather pointless when it comes to who will actually be a stronger presidential election was basically criminal in this instance as it reversed the true relevance of the importance of having more votes per delegate won since popular vote is still how EACH state awards ALL of its delegates.
Which brings us to the issue of delegates won. Hillary Clinton actually won way more electoral college votes than Barack Obama did, and this reality was never put into play by the Real Clear Politics article.
If Real Clear Politics had simply broken down the results into two categories, the delegates won from the caucuses, and the delegates won from the primaries, Hillary Clinton would have had the more "efficient" delegate totals, and more delegates as well.

I can only wonder if anyone else from the media repeated the rampant stupidity displayed in this particular Real Clear Politics article and used it to hammer Hillary Clinton into resigning three days later.
The June 04, 2008 Real Clear Politics article never addresses the COST per DELEGATE for Barack Obama versus Hillary Clinton, which Hillary Clinton easily won in a landslide.
Real Clear Politics deceived its readers and the media by not reporting key data and focusing on less relevant data instead.
The three most important data elements to consider are overall cost per each delegate won per candidate, Overall cost per each delegate won in the primary states, and who won the most electoral college votes during the democratic presidential race.
In each of those three instances, the answer would be Hillary Clinton.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Stunning Graph from 2008 Democratic Primary Race shows Hillary Clinton with a HUGE Lead in 3 out of 4 key demographics in Republican Leaning States.


Real Clear Politics produced the above 2008 democratic candidates popularity in republican leaning states graph. What is so odd about this graph is it shows Hillary Clinton with a HUGE LEAD among 3 out of 4 key demographics in the Republican leaning swing states, yet the accompanying article seems to down play the graph.

This is really important to note because most of Barack Obama's caucus wins were in Republican leaning states! Hillary Clinton had a decisive advantage when republican leaning states had primaries, but when other republican leaning states had CAUCUSES instead of primaries, Barack Obama won by a 2-1 margin.

In my next article, I will explore a huge blunder made by Real Clear Politics.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Democratic Party making complaints against the republican party in 2010 that Hillary Clinton supporters made in 2008 against the democratic party.

The democratic party and Barack Obama are complaining that the Republican Party is funneling in foreign money and using it to fund Chamber of Commerce attack ads against the democrats. This is the kind of mind numbing arrogance the democratic party and Barack Obama use against its own constituents. Even if the accusation was true, it was Barack Obama that allowed traceless credit card political contributions to his 2008 presidential campaign.

Barack Obama even complained that the republicans are outspending the democrats by anywhere from a 4-1 to 7-1 margin and that this is because of the foreign source of money. Um, didn't Barack Obama do the same thing to Hillary Clinton in the 2008 democratic race? Reports of Barack Obama outspending Hillary Clinton by 3-1 and 4-1 in several midwestern states were commonly found in the media. Yet Barack Obama had NO ACCOUNTABILITY regarding where ALL of his donations were coming from.

In 2008 democratic party leaders also minimized Bill Clinton's record from the 90's only to now bring it up as a huge positive as they face potential losses in the 2010 November races. Might be nice if one day some democrats jump ship and report the truth about the 2008 unaccounted financial contributions that Barack Obama received.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Arianna Huffington: Women Leaders Need To Do Things Differently - SVW

Sarah Palin was also slammed by Huffington Post as well, and yet, Huffington Post wants to lead the charge in teaching women leaders need to do things differently. Yeesh!

I guess its all about the Huffington Post when it comes to which females are to be supported.

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

A message to all the Clinton Haters.

For all you Clinton Haters out there....did you notice that during Bill Clintons two terms in office the YEARLY FEDERAL BUDGET DEFICIT SHRUNK EACH AND EVERY YEAR until it became a surplus.

For all of you Clinton haters, Bill Clinton left office with the highest approval rating of any president since at least 1946, and probably well before that as well.

For all of you Clinton haters, Bill Clinton left office as the only president to have a higher approval rating at the end of his term than the beginning.

For all of you Clinton haters, who were pleased at seeing Hillary Clinton defeated by caucus cheating and suspicious donations and the democratic elite plotting against her in 2008, you are now suffering as a result of being a Clinton hater.

Remember that the next time you say you hate a Clinton.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Can you be a ground zero PUMA if you don't still support Hillary Clinton? Part II.

So why did the Democratic Party Higher ups secretly plot against Hillary Clinton during the 2008 presidential election? They believed their chances of retaining their own position in Congress would be strengthened if Barack Obama was elected instead of Hillary Clinton.

The problem with this type of me first, the country second position is two fold. First, it is really selfish to care about one's own political career to the point where you only support a presidential candidate based on a mythical belief that one presidential candidate's speech making ability will help keep you in your office.

Just because a politician may like one candidate's "charisma" more than another, is that enough? "I like this candidate, therefore he will help me keep my seat in Congress?" The answer is a resounding, of course not.

Reason number two on why it is an unknown as to which candidate can help keep any politician in their position. There will usually be an inevitable "push back" two years after a new political party gains control of the white house. In recent times, 2 years into the new presidents term the side that lost seats during the presidential election actually will gain some back.

Ironically, what Pelosi and Reid did may actually backfire on them because they may not have supported the best candidate and are more likely to lose their seat, not less likely as a result.

I'm all for that, that's for sure.

As for the PUMA movement, I would love to see PUMA's who don't necessarily agree with each other to at least consider supporting the idea that anyone who deceived Hillary Clinton in 2008 SHOULD NOT be re-elected, even if it means voting republican in those particular instances.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Can you be a ground zero PUMA if you don't still support Hillary Clinton? Part I.

Yes, it is a rhetorical question. You cannot be an original, ground zero PUMA unless you also support Hillary Clinton because the two are completely intertwined. You can be a conservative PUMA who has moved on and now supports Sarah Palin, that's fine, but that is not the same as being an original PUMA. (should I add an H for Hillary Clinton and call it PUMAH?)
Lets be clear here, the original PUMA movement was in direct response to the democratic elite in the party not only wanting Hillary Clinton defeated, but actually making sure their coup took place before ALL THE VOTES OF THE REGISTERED DEMOCRATS WERE COUNTED!
One only has to look to the republican leaders to see how out of line the democratic political leaders were in the 2008 election. Late in 2007, John McCain was well under 5% approval on a fox poll, it might have been as low as 2%.

John McCain clearly was not the first choice of the republican higher ups, yet the people, the people of the republican party over time chose John McCain EVEN THOUGH JOHN McCain had virtually no financial support.

The same cannot be said of the democrats, who tried to end the democratic race BEFORE IT EVEN STARTED! When a politician such as Hillary Clinton receives 50% of the popular vote even though the opposition has more than twice the money to spend and has the support of the media, the democratic higher ups, and billionaires such as George Soros, it just may lead to the formation of an independent group of Hillary Clinton supporters who call themselves PUMA's.

In Part II of this article, I'll give a simple explanation as to why the democratic party higher ups decided to corrupt their own party.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

I've Got a Crush on Hillary YouTube Video

I missed this video when it came out for the first
time. Nice. Totally inappropriate still shot, the
music video itself is pretty good.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


BLOGGERS AGAINST CHASE BANK has a big task ahead. The task is to educate Chase Bank CE Jamie Dimon that he doesn't know what he is doing in the credit card and home mortgage fields.

Once the personal realization sets in at how incompetent Jamie Dimon truly is, BLOGGERS AGAINST CHASE BANK hopes to reverse some of the most idiotic and anti-american actions that Jamie Dimon seems to be most proud of.

Perhaps two of the worst are freezing home equity lines at far below fair value, and raising the monthly minimum payment with no OPT OUT option for 2 million of Chase Bank's most reliable, never late making a payment, customers.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


I learned about Rosie the Riveter when I was in college. I found the whole documentary fascinating. I did not know that there were two Rosie the Riveters! Her obit in the LA Daily News is touching.

I had just finished and posted an article at DailyPUMA before I found out or I would have posted this article there. This blog appears on DailyPUMA so for now it will reside here. Here is the OBITUARY Link, may it live forever.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Daily-Protest against the Credit Card Industry continues.

Please learn more about the Chase Bank credit card industry protest at

Sunday, January 4, 2009

"Barack Obama Citizenship Lawsuits did not have standing", EXPLAINED.

"Three United States District Courts have ruled that private citizens do not have standing to challenge the eligibility of candidates to appear on a presidential election ballot: Robinson v. Bowen, 567 F. Supp. 2d 1144 (N.D. Cal. 2008); Hollander v. McCain, 2008WL2853250 (D.N.H. 2008); Berg v. Obama, 08-04083 (E.D. Pa. 2008)[15]."

There is a HUGE difference in challenging the right for someone to RUN for president, versus challenging their right to BE president. These prior rulings DO NOT APPLY now that Barack Obama has been elected. Assuming the challenges have been changed from RUNNING for president to BEING president, it should be a whole new ballgame in the supreme court.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Recycling Rev Pfleger's "She's White & Entitled" Speech for Caroline Kennedy. I guess if the "Black Man" says it's Ok to be Entitled, then it's OK.

Since Barack Obama and myself and many others believe in recycling, I thought it might be wise to recycle the Rev Michael Pfleger Entitlement Speech and see how accurately it describes Caroline Kennedy. It sure seems a like more accurate now in describing Caroline Kennedy then it did the first time around describing Hillary Clinton.

Lets end this farce and let Hillary Clinton choose her own successor.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


It is just wrong to allow Blagojevich to name a senatorial replacement after the comments he has made about wanting money in exchange for the position. It is also wrong that Hillary Clinton does not get to name her own replacement when she supposedly has been "promoted".

A male who appears to have behaved in a sleazy manner gets to keep his power, a woman who was promoted and has been labeled a team player, does not. Just more male dominated crap.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Thank You President Bush, for Ducking.

I am seriously proud of President Bush for ducking. I am a bit curious how the journalist was able to slip both of his shoes off with no secret service person noticing. Perhaps they are trained to look for guns only and missed what was probably more noticeable, a journalist taking his shoes off and then throwing them at the president.

I was curious why a secret service agent didn't react quicker, at the very least, blocking the second shoe. Perhaps that would have looked silly, diving across the room to block a shoe? Pat Buchanan mentioned the very same thing on television a short while ago. I kind of chuckled that Pat and I were thinking about that second shoe.

I am also pleased that the Iraqi's have a way of showing discord that does not involve gunfire or bombs. That speaks well of their culture.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Barack Obama's Latest YouTube Video Still Needs a Bit of Tweaking...

The Lamp is TOO BRIGHT. You need to add a dimmer and dim the light down a tad. This will both give the lampshade some color AND allow the overall image to be brightened a bit more. Right now the image is too dark because the lamp's brightness is either fooling the camera's autoexposure into darkening the image a bit, or the lamp's brightness is not being properly clipped which results in an overall video image that is too dark.

Just trying to be helpful. (Ok it was a regional emmy I won, but that still counts).

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Iowa Considers Raincoat Law for Politicians.

(Cat raincoat photo from)

Iowa is considering a new law that would require all politicians appearing in their state to do so in a yellow raincoat with matching yellow hoodie. "We don't want to be known as the state of perpetual presidential politicking", noted one local official who requested anonymity.

The proposed Iowa yellow raincoat law would require any politician with presidential aspirations to wear the yellow raincoat, (with matching yellow hoodie), the entire time they are in Iowa if their appearance is earlier than 18 months before the next presidential election.

"The law serves a dual purpose," another local official who also requested anonymity, explained,"Iowan's are starting to get a bit embarrassed, and annoyed, by the constant flow of presidential wannabees who come into our state four years before the next election looking for a handout, er support for their presidential run. The Raincoat law identifies a political candidate to Iowans AND it protects the candidate from the elements, you know, thrown tomatoes, lemons, oranges"...

What the anonymous local Iowa officials declined to mention is the yellow raincoat law's best feature, any politician wearing the yellow raincoat (and matching hoodie), who claims to just be passing through the state, won't win very many votes.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Barack Obama's Team Takes my Advice about their YouTube White House Videos. You're Welcome.

...................................After....................................... Directly above are two still video images, in my opinion the second video still is a definite improvement over the one above it (the one at the very top of this article). Many of the flaws I pointed out in a prior article have been corrected to my specifications (hehehe). I might have been the only one on the internet to critique and point out the flaws in Barack Obama's prior youtube videos. I would hope the news media, if they go with this story, credit both and blogs.

Notice the head space has been reduced and the brightness of the flag has been toned down. The wall color too closely matched Barack's own skin color in the prior video and now has been corrected. The background has been changed to blue, with a white center to outline Mr. Obama's head better. The distance to the background and the plant appears to have been increased. The red flat stripes are not as fiery red as before.

The chair is still iffy to me. If the highback of the chair did not grow out of the back of his head, it might make his ears look too big, so they probably can't go any lower with the high back. Anyways, big ears are probably a good thing as it may mean he listens to others moreso than the current president, who seemed to be too busy trying to flag God down for one on ones and appeared to ignore many other capable people's opinons.

Overall this is a huge improvement over the previous youtube videos. You can read my prior article at this link, or, it also reprinted below. Friendly Advice for Barack Obama's YouTube Videos...SIT ON A BOOK!

(Prior article reprinted below)

I don't understand how a president that staged an alleged 200,000 people gathering in Germany can't get his YouTube White House speeches to look, um, normal. The chair back is at precisely the wrong height. The result is I feel like I am looking at a gawky 10th grader.
Sit on a thick Yellow Pages book, Barack. This will instantly do two things, it will lower the chair back in relation to your neck and head to the proper height, and it will also slightly raise you in the frame to the right height. Plus, you get to keep the high back chair for when you want to take a snooze and don't want your neck flopping backwards. Add more space to the back wall from yourself as well.
I only made one change in the framing up above, yet doesn't Barack Obama already look more presidential than before? Keep in mind that in some of the original video, Barack Obama is actually looking up in the frame, I ignored those frames and chose one that benefits him by having his eye line look straight into the camera rather than up.

The american flag should not be at your side, bigger and brighter than you. The flag should be behind you, and not so bright. I'd put the flag where the plant is, and the plant where the flag is.

I'll be watching to see how long it takes for someone to point out these somewhat obviously flawed video design choices and for you to "change" them. Perhaps there is a master plan to start Barack Obama looking like a tenth grader early on, but then over time the framing changes will reveal a more strident, confident, Barack "Zeus" Obama ???

I have a suggestion. Why can't Barack Obama start with his back to us, and spin around like Captain Kirk from the original Star Trek series. To help stimulate the american economy, how about Barack Obama use a different made in america chair each week, and kindly announce where the chair came from. Maybe a pizza gets delivered in the middle of the presentation, name clearly visible on the pizza box.

Just trying to help out.


Edit note, I FORGOT to add one more thing that I originally noticed, but they have now taken care of it. Barack's skin color is far to close to the background wall color, and now the background color has been fixed as well.